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Our services. To be written for better positionning

Translation of written documents

Technical documentation
Legal texts and documents
Financial texts and documents
Economic texts and reports
Medical translation
Art translation
Translation of agreements and contracts
Translation of business and personal correspondence
Translation of websites, blogs and business cards
Translation of poems

Translation of books, magazines and brochures

Written translations

Depending on the purpose of the translated document, written translation can be either certified or not certified.

Certified translation is getting done by sworn translators, is certified by a stamp and has legal force.

An ordinary translation is also getting done by professionals but is not certified by a stamp.

Simultaneous interpreting

During this type of service the interpreter interprets at the same time as the speaker is speaking. In order to provide simultaneous interpreting the organisation of the event must meet some specific requirements. The room must be equipped with a simultaneous interpreting system.  During the event there must be not less than two interpreters present for each language. The client should  provide the interpreters with the text in advance. Simultaneous interpreting can be divided into:
Simultaneous interpreting “by ear”
Simultaneous interpreting “from a sheet”
Simultaneous reading of the prepared text

Interpreting Consecutive interpreting

Interpreting for business discussions
Technical interpreter
Interpreter for exhibitions
Accompanying delegations
Interpreting at seminars
Interpreting at presentations
Interpreting at celebrations
Accompanying private individuals
Telephone interpreting
Interpreting for interviews
Interpreting at press conferences
Interpreting at a notary’s office
Interpreting for negotiations
Interpreting on trips
Court interpreter
Sworn interpreter
Interpreting for private conversations

Translation services

“All Russian Translations”: the name speaks for itself. We provide services for translations into all languages of the former Sovjet Union in combination with different European languages.

Our specialization: Russian/ Ukrainian/ French/ Dutch/ English: Русский /Украинский / Французский / Нидерландский / Английский. Other combinations are also possible.

If you need a sworn translation of any official document, please contact us with your powers of attorney, extracts, contracts etc.  We will take care of it quickly and up to the high standards.