Daily Archives: 15 July 2016

Legal Services

Over the years our agency has been cooperating with the Belgian and Russian-speaking lawyers. Regarding their big experience and expertise, we were able to realize several joint projects for our various clients.
Legal services can be useful in many aspects of living in Belgium. Lawyers can accompany and assist our clients in such a various matters as:
– Residence
– Belgian citizenship
– Establishment of an enterprise or starting business in Belgium
– Customer protection in civil and criminal matters in the Belgian courts of different levels
– Obtaining permission for business activity
– Assistance in finding of  business partners, employees and accountants for your firm


While starting to live in Belgium, the client can face a variety of different questions and problems in his daily life. Working with us, he can always count on the help of our agency and our lawyers.

Notary Services

Assistance during the preparation and formalization of the powers of attorney
Stamping Apostille:

on the documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, and in some CIS countries – for example, on the birth certificate for the obtaining of the Belgian citizenship or for the marriage.

Consecutive interpreting

Interpreting of business discussions

Interpreting of medical consultations
Technical interpreter
Interpreting at exhibitions
Accompanying of delegations
Interpreting at seminars
Interpreting at presentations
Interpreting at celebrations
Accompanying of private individuals
Phone interpreting
Interpreting of interviews
Interpreting at press conferences
Interpreting at the notary’s offices
Interpreting of  negotiations
Interpreting on trips

Court interpreter
Sworn interpreter

Interpreting during your shopping
Interpreting of private conversations

Protocol interpreting

Interpreting during your purchase of real estate